Derek A. Bentley

3D Environment Artist / Skybox Artist / Rendering Specialist

For my full Resume and Profile visit my LinkedIn page.

I specialize in 3D game environments, modeling, lighting, texturing using a variety of tools. I have extensive experience with 3DS Max, mental ray, V-Ray, and Terragen. Modo, ZBrush, 3D-Coat, and World Machine are also in my arsenal of 3D Tools. Working on game environments is where most of my experience lies, but I also have experience, and a liking to modeling and animating characters, and ambient creatures. I also excel at modeling hard surface models from photographs, or engineering reference, as well as retopologizing from highly detailed 3D scans. I can bring plenty of ingenuity to any company with my technical skills, and always find ways to improve production pipelines through the use of existing tools, and can guide development of new tools.

Please contact me by email, or through my contact page for my resume in doc or pdf format, which includes my phone number, and additional information.