Rendering and Modelling

mental ray™ / 3DS Max / 3D-Coat / ZBrush

This section contains images rendered using various 3D packages including 3DS Max and mental ray™. Most of the images in this section are work done at Panasonic Avionics while I was working in the Technical Training Department. The alien character is still in development, and I call him Quaterzedek, since he is based on Quaternion Julia Fractals.

Panasonic Avionics-00 Panasonic Avionics-02 Panasonic Avionics-04 Panasonic Avionics-05 Panasonic Avionics-07 Panasonic Avionics-08 stiching4.jpg Quaterzedek Alien-01 Quaterzedek Alien-02 Quaterzedek Alien-03 Quaterzedek Alien-04 Quaterzedek Alien-05 Quaterzedek Alien-06 Quaterzedek Alien-07 Quaterzedek Alien-08

Environments / Models

Game Engine Environments

This section contains images from the various game titles I have worked on. In the images below you will see some of the trees I created for the unreleased Train Simulator 2 and Flight Sim 11, as well as an industrial environment I built for the Xbox Music Mixer game which was released back in 2003.

Train Sim 2 / Flight Sim X / Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance

This section contains images of models, textures, and shader effects I have created for various game titles. The first group of images are sewer level pieces I modeled for Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance while at Snowblind Studios, as well as an assortment of weapons.. There is an image of the shader effect I created for one of the Flight 19 TBM Avenger Ghost Planes glowing in green from FSX. There are also a bunch of static aircraft, and NAVY ships I created for FSX. The last group of images are showing a glimpse into the tree/vegetation pipeline I created, as well as the Johnstown Station which I modeled and textured.

Traditional Skills

Sculpture / Drawings / Concepts

This section contains various traditional formas of art including drawings, concept art, and sculpture.

Animation and Video

Misc. Animations and Video.

This section contains various animations I have created in 3DS Max, Terragen 2, and other applications. If you would like to see video descriptions, or watch these at a higher resolution you can click on the YouTube link, and watch them directly from the YouTube site.